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bookhardTebow Tails: Caspar’s Conquest

It is a beautiful sunny day on the Gulf Coast of Florida—perfect for a Jet Ski excursion to Dog Bone Island with a pack of buddies who live in the seaside suburb of Barkington Bluffs.

Tebow, a boxer, is outgoing, while his best friend Caspar, a golden retriever, is bashful. They know other pups in the neighborhood as well: Hershey, a spunky Yorkie; Shadow, a motherly Australian shepherd; Sage, a standard poodle; Bailey, a yellow lab; and Hunter, a red golden retriever, who tends to be surly. Early in the morning, Tebow loads up his Jet Ski with Frisbees, tennis balls, and chew treats, and cruises out to Dog Bone Island to meet up with his friends for Sunday Funday. Everyone is having a great time—until Hunter ignores the sign that warns of a rip current and begins to be swept out to sea! Can he make it safely back to shore?

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It’s the day before the Fourth of July and there’s a big party brewing over on Dog Bone Island. Parker, the pelican, invites Tebow, the boxer, and his friends from Barkington Bluffs for a sleepover to celebrate this special day.

While gathered at the campsite, Oscar, the owl, teaches everyone about the history of the American flag and why America’s birthday is celebrated on the Fourth of July.

One in a series, this picture book teaches children about the origins of the American flag and are encouraged to display it with pride. Tebow Tails shares important historical lessons as well as a strong message about patriotism, belonging, and friendship.

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Scotty is a precocious kindergartner that believes his neighbor, Miss Cora, lives with a polar bear named Poley. He shares his arctic adventures with his teacher, Miss Gracie, his classmates, and Mom a LOT. In fact, Scotty wears a parka to school everyday even thought it is hot out.

Mom and Miss Cora come up with a plan so that Scotty can meet the real Poley. Scotty’s fantasy takes a twist that introduces him to a new friend. Miss Gracie even gets permission from the principal for Scotty to bring Poley to school. Scotty’s friends, Jessica and Ian, are excited to finally meet Poley.

In this children’s story, a young boy’s imagination with a polar bear takes a surprising turn with Poley overcoming shyness, and a magical friendship begins

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